We are pleased to accept outpatient referrals for computed tomography (CT).

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Computed Tomography Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does an outpatient imaging referral work?

    You may have cases that you wish to send for further work-up in the form of imaging, but not necessarily as a full referral. At Veterinary Specialists Ireland, we offer an outpatient imaging service by appointment. On admission, the patient is examined by a veterinary surgeon to ensure it is fit for sedation or anaesthesia. The imaging you request is performed and patients are discharged when a veterinary surgeon deems they are fit to travel. Images are submitted for teleradiology reporting and the report is then sent to you.

    As this is an outpatient service, we can accept referrals for outpatient imaging only in stable patients. We are more than happy to accept referrals into the hospital for cases requiring imaging as part of a more extensive work-up.

  • What do we need from you?

    1. A full clinical history (including blood results etc.)
    2. A completed form (see attached) stating the requested studies

    We ask that the referring veterinary surgeon explain to their client that the patient is being referred only for imaging and our staff will not be in a position to offer a diagnosis or discuss the management of the case.

  • What happens on the day?

    1. The patient and client are seen by appointment for a pre-anaesthetic clinical examination.
    2. The client signs a document accepting that we are not responsible for the ongoing management of the case, except where the patient’s condition changes whilst on the premises in the case of an unexpected critical event.
    3. If contrast agent is to be administered intravenously, a biochemistry will be performed to assess renal function, unless results from the previous 7 days are made available.
    4. Images are uploaded to a telemedicine service for reporting.
    5. The patient is recovered in our hospital until ambulatory.
    6. We invoice the client directly for the imaging (including sedation and general anaesthesia, intravenous contrast, intravenous fluids, the cost of the report and any blood tests carried out).

Outpatient Computed Tomography Referral form

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