Soft Tissue & Cancer Surgery

@Veterinary Specialists Ireland


Maxillofacial surgery
Ear surgery (total ear canal ablation, VBO)
Upper airway examination
Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS)
Laryngeal paralysis
Tracheal stenting
Heart and vascular surgery
Chest and lung surgery
Minimally invasive chest surgery (thoracoscopy)
Gastrointestinal surgery
Liver shunt
Gallbladder removal
General abdominal surgery
Minimally invasive abdominal surgery (laparoscopy)
Urogenital surgery
Urethral stenting
Colorectal surgery
Skin and reconstruction
Cancer surgery and reconstruction

Advanced diagnostics

Full in-house laboratory
Point of care tests
Digital radiography
64-slice CT
CT angiography
1.5T MRI

Postoperative care

Experienced nursing team
Supported by our Specialists in Critical Care and Internal Medicine

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