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Frequently asked questions

A referral can only be made to one of our specialists by your primary care veterinary surgeon. 

They can provide us with all the medical information we require in order to treat your pet and discuss the possible solutions at your appointment.


When we have received a referral from your vet, they will ask you to call us on 046 9557551 to schedule an appointment at a time of your convenience.

Appointments are often available within 1-3 working days, and immediately if your pet needs to be seen for an urgent condition.

In order for us to continue to see appointments, we have implemented strict biosecurity measures to protect our clients and staff while continuing to provide specialist care to your pets.

On arrival at the hospital gate, please press the buzzer to alert our reception team to your arrival. If the gate was already open, please inform reception when you have arrived

For the protection of our staff, we ask that you continue to wear masks when inside our facility

Your primary care vet will usually have sent documentation and images to us electronically when requesting a referral appointment.

A list of medications your pet is receiving (or the actual medications themselves) is helpful to make sure we accurately record them.

If your pet is on special food and is being admitted for surgery, please bring 1-3 days of their special diet with them.

In general, yes.

Fasting is advised so that sedation or general anaesthesia can be performed to allow procedures the same day. 

Exceptions include some paediatric patients, or patients with other medical conditions. If you’re not sure, our friendly receptionists and nurses will be happy to discuss your pet’s requirements with you directly.

If your pet is being admitted for surgery, they will most likely stay in the hospital until they are well enough to be discharged into your care.

If your pet is coming for a consultation, diagnostics or a minor procedure, they will need to stay with us for a few hours but will likely be discharged to you the same day. We will discuss this with you at your consultation.

We are located in the village of Summerhill, Co. Meath, just 25 minutes from the M50 and easily accessible from major motorways.

If you use the Eircode A83 EV27 it should bring you directly to our door.

In the interest of patient safety we operate a secure campus. When you arrive at the gate, press the button to speak to our reception and they will open the gate for you. The gate will open automatically for you on the way out.

Payment and financing Faqs

Veterinary Specialists Ireland and EMERGE is a specialty and emergency hospital. Therefore, our fees may differ from your regular veterinarian. 

Upon our examination of your pet, you will be provided with a cost estimate for any proposed diagnostics and treatment. 

You will be asked to pay 50% of the high end of the estimate as a deposit, and the balance will need to be paid at the time of discharge.

We will keep you informed of any changes in estimate during your pet’s stay.

We participate with all major pet insurance plans in which you (the pet owner) can be reimbursed by the insurance plan, upon presenting them with a receipt of payment. 

Insurance preauthorisation for direct claim can be performed with Allianz and Petinsure insurance companies only. Due to the paperwork involved, there is an administration fee for this service.

Preauthorisation for treatment cannot be obtained for emergency cases.

We would be happy to help you complete any pet insurance forms for your pet’s visit – just ask for assistance

We accept payment via VISA and Mastercard debit and credit card and cash. 

We do not accept cheques or American Express.

We are pleased to now work with humm, a retail instalment payment facility, and our team can help you through the application process.

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